Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I am reading ...

I am currently enjoying this fun and frothy tome penned by the accomplished author, P.C. Cast.

Smart girls do like their "trashy" books, too! Although I wouldn't toss this one in with the trash necessarily. Sure it has its hot and heavy moments, but within its pages there are many words of wisdom to be had. That's what I love about P.C. Cast. You're not only being entertained, but you're also being uplifted. 
Nutshell synopsis: Venus mentors a mortal woman named Pea in Tulsa, OK but ends up being helped by her in turn. Of course there's a lil' bit more to it. ;)

So, grab yourself a copy at: (or at your local booksellers, if you're so lucky to have one)

Pour yourself a bit of heavenly vino, find a comfy spot, and enjoy!

Oh, and incidentally, check out this webpage:
(Not too fond of the "b" word -- even though I shamefully use it occasionally -- but this is a cool site!)


  1. LOL. Looks trashy. Me likey :-P

    1. Tee-hee! 'Tis exactly *that* ... unabashedly so! :D