Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flower of the Week ~ Hibiscus

For me, the hibiscus flower is the quintessential "tropical" bloom and the very embodiment of the joy of summer. It is delicate yet hardy and makes me wanna do the hula under the setting sun.

I just love the taste of the tea, too! Today I had a cuppa this lovely blend from Pukka called "Harmonise." It's just yummy and calming.

Some purported health benefits of hibiscus tea include reduction of cholesterol (LDL) levels and lowering slightly elevated blood pressure. Various traditional uses of imbibing the tea throughout the world are: to maintain normal body temperature, to support upper respiratory health, relieve occasional bouts of constipation, promoting good circulation, among others.

Wonderfully tasty hot or cold, it's refreshing and I do believe it does cool you down on hot summer's day. Rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants and minerals, it can help boost your immune system. According to the Livestrong website, "hibiscus tea contains an enzyme inhibitor which acts to block amylase production. Amylase is an enzyme which breaks down starches into sugars. The amylase inhibitor found in hibiscus tea will reduce the amount of sugars that are absorbed into the body, thus resulting in weight loss. Hibiscus tea may also help treat depression and manage mood swings.
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Oooh, so it can help you look good and feel good! Nice! Exactly what I might come to expect from this fetching flower. :)

Makes me want to plant one … alas, I only have a windowsill garden with not that much direct sunlight. LOL. I guess I will just content myself with admiring the beauties in the park right outside my door. Not bad, not bad at all. ;) Oh, and I might just have another cuppa tea. Won't you join me?

Enjoy the summer, what's left of it. I know I am living in the now and taking advantage of each moment!

An "artificial" hibiscus I found in the park. LOL. The irony of that is not lost on me!
The lovely lace was made by my grandmother, Filomena, many years ago.
The pretty purple plant pot with the shell was made by *moi* ;)
And the teacup's fairly new ... I adore it!

An affirmation gleaned from Rhonda Byrne's latest book, The Magic