Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Layne Redmond, the beautiful, inspired and inspiring joyful muse of the Divine Feminine. She's in her last days, in hospice. She has been on my mind lots lately, and I am sad that I missed the opportunity to meet her back in June when she did a class at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY (upstate).  I just love her "Invoking Aphrodite" -- it transports you to another time, yet still in the present. Ya know? It makes me believe that I am one of the Bee Priestesses, the Melissas ...  ahhh.  Layne's "work" -- her art -- is sublime. I hope with all my heart she will be able to complete her last film, Axe´ Orixa´.

I found out the other night that she was in hospice, while listening to a podcast to fall asleep to. Well, that was jolting. Thank you to the lovely Karen Tate for giving so much of her show's time again and again to the delightful Layne. Karen's Blog Talk Radio show is VOICES OF THE SACRED FEMININE aka Sex, Religion, Power and Politics (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/voicesofthesacredfeminine).

I just read her last newsletter and am listening to the free MP3 (Epitaph of Seikilos) she gave to all in her post. I shed some tears and felt sad, but I am glad she has shared so much of her light, her talent, her beauty with us. And in the newsletter, in the song, and in my heart, I am reminded yet again that it's so important to shine brightly, for life is truly short. At least our temporal one.
Here's the link to the free MP3:

And her newsletter:
Shine, sparkle, glitter, glow! Let's continue to grow.
With Love,
The Manhattan Mermaid
Invoking Aphrodite:

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